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DP World Jeddah || Saudi Web

DP World is a leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain. We operate multiple yet related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistics and ancillary services to technology-driven trade solutions.


SALOMI is a mobile-ready app that brings efficient workflow processes right from your job sites. SALOMI APP makes it easy to monitor, measure, audit, and review nearly anything related to your safety management system. Be up and running in weeks, and have a complete solution right out of the box

AlTazaj-KSA Ordering

This Application is designed to be your number one Application. Altazaj goal is not to only offer food but to help you move forward with your life style. We are planning to establish a whole lifestyle improvement categories “coming soon”


Online exposure for Local Service Provider, Linking people with Right Service Providers to achieve more value, efficiently and conveniently From the automated ordering processes to the elegant display of menus and catalogues.

DP World SLS

DP World SLS Apps purpose is to Capture Incident's & to apply Standard practices across Organization SAFETY standards.




TAWASUL DPW solution is designed to serve as a platform which enables all users to perform all their necessary tasks related in one place, "Having the Builder technology within our VidCon activation amplified the experience.”