Techcheck is using for job base Benefit which Assigned Jobs to People.

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Drive efficiency, collaboration, and innovation with our robust suite of customizable tools and services. Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows, harness advanced analytics, ensure security and compliance, and propel your organization towards success in the digital landscape.


Techcheck is using for job base Benefit which Assigned Jobs to People.


ChecknAct’s mission is to empower our customers to drive quality execution every in industry. Optimize operations across the Indusrty, and business Improve Operations Efficiency ChecknAct enables operations to act faster and teams can deliver results on time.

DP World Jeddah

Saudi Web & Mobile Apps Solution Dubai Ports World is an Emirati multinational logistics company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It specializes in cargo logistics, We operate multiple yet related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistics and ancillary services to technology-driven trade solutions.


SALOMI is a mobile-ready app that brings efficient workflow processes right from your job sites. SALOMI APP makes it easy to monitor, measure, audit, and review nearly anything related to your safety management system.


Nikahmate is one of the most versatile online Matrimonial Sites. We work for matrimonial relationships of people from all regions, languages, nationalities and races.

Teams Collab

Teams Collab is used for Monitor Daily Tasks & Performance Employee wise According to Their Performance Reports can be Generated & Dashboards can also Help full to Monitor.


TManagement System mission is to empower our customers to drive quality execution every in industry. Optimize operations across the Industry, and business Improve Operations Efficiency.


vdeliversu.com is the best online equipment selling marketplace in the Middle East. Browse from a wide range of specialized sellers listings such as electronic equipment's


This site works on the Internet as electronic gate to shed light on the various services offered by WEKAYA LINES EST .


Welfare Apps facilitate Donors to get registered & reach to Right Needy in time with various medium & support options, Welfare apps NOT accept any Payments , Fees , Charges to this Community services either from Donor OR from Needy collecto


SERVICE PROVIDER FINDING PLATFORM. Serving everyone From customers to businesses. OUT4SERVE creates opportunities to everyone; it revives businesses, creates job opportunities, and caters to people’s everyday needs

Out2sol Global

OutSource To Solution(Out2Sol) is a Saudi based Safety & Technology Solutions Company offering services across Local & International Clients.


OWMAPPS Is An One-Stop App For Warehouse Management System


TARFEEH has embarked on a very aggressive expansion plan across all regions in the country and is keenly exploring potential opportunities for expanding its operations in other GCC countries. Apart from being the largest franchisee of Applebee s in the Middle East, TARFEEH enjoys the status of being the biggest company in the casual dining franchisee segment in Saudi Arabia.


The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Economic Development Company (SEDCO) which is one of the largest business conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a dynamic global presence.

Tazij Captain

This app is published by Al-TAZAJ-KSA for Al-TAZAJ Drivers Delivery service in Saudi Arabia to receive orders from Al-TAZAJ Restaurant Online & Deliver to Customer Door Online ordering service is available in the most of the KSA cities.

DP World Jeddah SLS

DP World SLS Apps purpose is to Capture Incident's & to apply Standard practices across Organization SAFETY standards. DP World Safety Leadership System will improve Organization Safety , Security and Environment management through the works.


DPW OPS is the operations activity controlling application for DPWORLD organization.


TAWASUL DPW solution is designed to serve as a platform which enables all users to perform all their necessary tasks related in one place, which in turn makes work easier to follow up closely and clearly, Users with their tasks keeping an eye on the bigger picture of their assignment at all times to clarify the critical nature of the tasks

Easy Exam

App comprises on the multiple features of recording container data, supervisor data & yard in charge data. This will help user to capture live data with mobility

Easy Me

User can easily login with one click to multiple application of DP World without entering the login username and password again and again in other applications


EasyClocking is used for employees attendance according to their Zones.


EPLOS is used for train Employees According to their Positions and Also Generic Positions and violations.

Eat n Stay

Stay ahead and get up to date coverage of your industry news and trends


This Application will make your life easy and will support your health needs. Using this App will allow you to have the option of either having your food delivered to your door step

Auto Gate

Auto Gate is used for monitoring drivers trucks and the job assign to drivers and trucks for multiple Haulier company in a single Application.


Facapp is used for adding complaints from mobile app and admin can see these complains through web application.


We honor human dignity. We, therefore, don't display your photo in public domain. Maintaining your privacy is our ethical responsibility.

Jawad App

Jawad is an application for all. Its main features is to enable people to donate water, food items, clothing, school materials, to people in need. No Money donation but items and products!


EXERCISE FOR HEALTH ... Leejam's facilities provide a modern, clean, and welcoming environment for the community, filled with the latest in fitness technology.

Metallic Gallery

Metallic-Gallery E-Commerce Website. its provide you a different types of Islamic calligraphy, Metallic Wall Art and portable modern furniture.


Mirsal solution is designed to serve as a platform which enables all users to perform all their necessary tasks related in one place, "Having the Builder technology within our VidCon activation amplified the experience.”


Out2Sol is a solution development company, helping Business across international boundaries to successfully achieve there Digital Transformation journey. We are a project-driven organization lead by passionate experts with proven industry track record. This allowing us to deliver robust solutions that make businesses more profitable & gain the right results.


SalesGoo Whether you are a small or medium size company, Your Sales automation can instantly improve your sales team productivity and boost sales. SalesGoo a complete sales management software solution, designed for sales professionals who want to reduce business expenses and improve the productivity of its sales force.


The all-in-one business management software you were waiting for is here, and it’s in the cloud! Take care of your accounting, invoicing, inventory and CRM directly from your mobile or laptop.


Track app to Bring all YOUR Team collaborate & Respond to TASKS with Mobility.Trackapp helps teams track tasks from the beginning, setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and assigning them to the right people. It ensures projects stay on track and get completed on time.


TSET is a master Application in this application child applications is mapped.


O2SApps is a official website of out2sol where all the applications and its information posted time to time.

Fuel Track

The goal of the TDP project is to centralize the monitoring of equipment records in the technical department at the port. This includes inputting equipment specifics, handling breakdown incidents, and producing transaction reports for effective oversight.


This application enables users to manage data comprehensively, handling workflows, basic information, hierarchy, and access controls. Users have the ability to create, edit, assign, and delete workflows, ensuring effective control over transactions and user records.

Salomi HSE

The SALOMI HSE App aims to empower safety teams and organization staff by providing an efficient incident recording platform. It enhances safety measures by simplifying incident capture, automating processes, and enabling knowledge sharing and standardization.

DPW E-Services

DP World Jeddah south terminal provides different types of container handling services to its clients and many of these operations are planned and monitored using the advanced Terminal Operating System (TOS) from Navis (SPARCS N4 and XPS).

DP World Jeddah Operations

The purpose of this app is to allow users carry on day to day activity of operations in a seamless way on real time basis.